Cloud Controls

Design, Operate and Control your indoor farm with precision and efficiency by harnessing the accumiliated data from lighting, environment, use of power, and fertigation drink rates all in one place.

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How It Works

Cloud Controls connects to Smart Drops.  Smart Drops connects to devices such as 250v remote power, LED driverless luminaires and environmental sensors.

Our Cloud Controls were designed with the commercial grower in mind.  Precision control the intensity and light schedules for 250v Driverless LED luminaires over your plants and optimize the power efficiency by utilizing 250v centralized remote power.  Monitor your environment with sensor integration and much more.  

Check back, coming soon.

User Maual Available Upon Request

Set Up Your Cultivation Property

Here is where the information on the physical Property is located

Property Settings Form

  • Name of Property, general description & Physical address
  • Time Zone location for time synchronization
  • Property Voltage – Required for equipment settings
  • Upload Avatar or other information

Next Design Your Vertical Farm Racks/Runs

Here is where you load up your room plans into our software.

Runs Section
This is where you  create racks & “Runs”. From this window one may view a run or “Add Run”.

Runs Details Section
Clicking on “Rack 1” line will open a sample window showing current runs, assigned Smart Drops and all other information on racks.

Set Up Your Smart Drops

Here is where you set up your Smart Drop devices.

Assign Physical Device to a Smart Drop Location

In order for a Smart Drop to operate, it must be connected to a physical device,

Its easy!  Go to Smart Drops page – Click on an unassigned smart drop – Select a device – Click “Assign Physical Device to Smart Drop” Bam!  It is assigned and your Smart Drop is connected to the Peak Roots Cloud Controls.

Set Up Your Light Banks

Assign Smart Drops to Light Banks

Light Banks can be one or more Smart Drops grouped together.

Set Up Your Light Recipes

Load Light Recipes

Choose from our pre-made Light Recipes List or Build Your Own.

Grow Cycle Stages & Schedule

Build Your Light Recipe Stages

Here is where you can view light recipes and schedule details and build out your grow cycle stages.

Customize Each Light Recipe Stage

Stage Details

Set the duration for the lights as well as ramp up and ramp down times.  Adjust light levels by adding moves and adjusting percentages for light level intensity.  Create complex stages with up to 10 moves or use basic stages with limited moves. 

Rooms Dashboard

Monitor Each Rooms Status In Real Time

When you fire up a grow room and its off and rolling you can quickly get status from your Rooms Dashboard.

Monitor at a glance:

  • Master On and Off Times
  • Target Levels for Each Move
  • Time Left On Live Grows
  • Time Left For Next Light Period to Start